Today I studied my blog’s statistics to see what keywords people use to search in Google and Yahoo! to get to the pages of my site.

Here is what I found based on the last 60 days of statistics:

  1. People used 1966 various search terms
  2. The top 20 keywords are:

Top 20

response factor3.15%
wireless power transfer via strongly coupled magnetic resonances1.63%
response factor in hplc0.92%
history of chromatography0.76%
recent application pharmaceutical of hplc0.56%
conrad zhang0.51%
eluotropic series0.51%
efficient tandem polymer solar cells fabricated by all-solution processing0.51%
hplc for pharmaceutical scientists0.51%
rocky mountain spotted fever0.51%
chromatography in bio chemistry0.41%
nano chromatography0.41%
resolution gas chromatography0.41%
hplc definition0.36%
hplc video0.36%

Then I looked at the correlation between the search keyphrase and the landing page and discovered that very frequently people end up on the wrong pages.

For example, someone searched for “principles of chromatography” and Yahoo! took him/her to my home page where I may have talked about “principles of chromatography” a month ago but this post is no longer on the front page.

Here is another one. The search term was “soy milk bad reactions” and Google presented the person with “Soy Milk, Good or Bad? HPLC vs CZE – Part 2” – the post about a study that compares HPLC and CZE methods for QC of soy beverages.

Alas, because of my choice of the words for the title, this post attracts visitors that google with the keywords such as “soy milk is it bad or good”, “soy milk bad”, “bad reaction from soy milk”, “soy milk versus cow milk”, “soy milk good vs bad”, “soy milk is it bad for health” and etc. Obviously, these poor souls won’t find the answers to their questions from my comparison of HPLC to CZE, sorry!

So I decided to go through some of the unanswered questions and answer them one post at time, so next time someone searches for “types of hplc detectors” they won’t be staring at the post on “Iodized Table Salt“.

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