Scientist at Weber State University developed methods for extraction, identification and quantitation of xanthones and their derivatives: alpha-mangostin, 8-desoxygartanin, gartanin, beta-mangostin, 3-mangostin, and 9-hydroxycalabaxanthone.

A highly sensitive new method of testing explosives was developed by a group of scientists at Aston Labs – the research group of Professor R. Graham Cooks at Purdue University.

Red Wine and Chromatography

Scientists from University of Hertfordshire (UK) are using new chemistry laboratories to analyze a random selection of red wines to determine the levels of resveratrol which is a natural antioxidant found in red wine and red grape skins

Another great LC system by Agilent provides up to 20 times faster analysis and 60 % higher resolution than conventional HPLC without sacrificing resolution, precision or sensitivity and while keeping system pressure at a minimum.


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