“What is the response factor in chromatography?” is a question on Yahoo Answers. So far there has been two answers: 1) A wordy and a bit confusing text book reply tailored more towards Gas Chromatography. Response Factor The size of a spectral peak is proportional to the amount of the substance that reaches the detector […]

A question from Yahoo! Answers: Can anyone explain how does HPLC measure HbA1c? What exactly is HPLC? Let’s start with the last part of the question – “What exactly is HPLC?” HPLC or High Performance Liquid Chromatography in simple terms is a form of column chromatography used frequently in biochemistry and analytical chemistry to separate […]

This is another Q&A from Yahoo! Answers which I could not stay away from. The question was asked by “pigpigletpoker” and has already received two answers. Dave_Stark said: Make a chromatogram of the paint found on the other car involved in the accident. Then do a side-by-side chromatogram of the red paint from the two […]

This question was asked today by “Rambabu26 d” and it has been answered by three chromatography wizards. Bullfrog21, who gave a short but precise answer: Peak width is the distance on the graph between the two lowest points on either side of the peak. […] A second answer came from, T0bl3rone who assumed that the […]

What chemicals can be detected using a Gas Chromatography? There are actually two types of Gas Chromatography – Gas-Solid and Gas-Liquid depending on the kind of column is used

Nano Liquid Chromatography

Nano HPLC is a relatively new development in chromatography world driven by recent advancements in proteomics that would require decreasing of inner diameter (ID) of liquid chromatography (LC) column to allow for a smaller sample amount and to increase sensitivity.


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