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The biological cell is basically a miniature factory, which contains a large collection of dedicated protein machines. In a Review, Martin van den Heuvel and Cees Dekker look at recent progress in using some of these proteins to move, manipulate or power artificial, nanoscale devices.


It is interesting to note that 20 years later there is still no clear definition of nano-LC. Due to a relatively large size of the columns used in nano-HPLC (10-140 μm), the method does not fall within the realm of the conventional definition of nanotechnology – “the control of matter on a scale smaller than […]


Thanks to one of the readers of this blog – Farooq, I now have the full text of an excellent, 21-page review by the researches from Rome and Spain entitled “Recent applications in nanoliquid chromatography” (DOI 10.1002/jssc.200700061). Two months ago, I did a small article about nano liquid chromatography to answer a question posted on […]


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