Chemical Composition of Boza

by Dr. Viktorina Gruzdeva Dec 31st, 1889 During the October 20th 1889 meeting of the Society for Public Health Protection, Dr. Kazanski presented a report on the making and chemical composition of “boza” (russ. буза). Boza is the name of a mongolian fermented beverage made from grains – a beer of sorts. As you know, […]

The Little Botanists

I am continuing the series dedicated to the chromatography‘s founder Mikhail Tsvet. So, in 1897 he moves to Russia from Switzerland, and here is his first impression of Russia: “…during the first six months that I have been in Russia, in vain, I have been trying to force myself to feel that I have a […]

From Switzerland to Russia

This is the next post from the series dedicated to 135th birthday anniversary of Prof. Tsvet, the chromatography’s founder. Today, the application of the principle of a chromatographic substance separation is the foundation of many breakthroughs in science and technology. The analysis of the amino acid and nucleotide sequence in proteins and nucleic acids, the […]


So, Mikhail Tsvet was trying to solve the separation problem of the green leaf pigments. He took a glass cylinder, filled it with chalk powder, and poured a little bit of the alcohol leaf extract on the top layer . The extract was brownish-green, and the top layer of chalk column also became the same […]

Chromatogram on the ceiling

Imagine yourself in a rather large and almost empty room with an iron bed in the corner. Autumn. Cold. Gloomy. It has been raining for days and the roof is leaking. In the opposite corner on the ceiling the wet spot is slowly spreading; the rain drops are falling into the bucket on the floor. […]

Captured by the surface of adsorbent’s solid body, molecules can transfer back into solution – eluent, and then again get adsorbed and so on, changing its state infinite number of times.

Discovery of Chromatography

Professor Tsvet filled a glass tube with finely ground powder of pure chalk, damped it with benzene, and then poured over a little bit of chlorophyll solution extracted from a fresh leaf. The very top layer of the powder was, of course, immediately colored green, and then Tsvet proceeded to slowly, drop by drop, add benzene, into the tube filled with chalk.

Mikhail Tsvet discovered and applied essentially a new method of analysis – chromatography.


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