Column performance

The efficiency of a column which is measured as the number of theoretical plates for a given test compound.

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  1. Shashikumar says:

    Might be there would change in your moble phase proportion, or change in make of the solvent or buffer you use, and also a change of 0.4 min is not a big change, and this is acceptable, every time you cannot get the the R.T.
    USP allows u a change of 1min. so not a Problem.

  2. Tarun says:

    we had purchased new atlantics dC18 column. we perform at our HPLC but we faced the RT problem in that new column.
    actually same brand older one column we already used in our regular application & also compare with both of column. but we observed the RT problem in new column.

    older one column has RT comes at 8.2 min but in new column it has decreasing & comes at 7.8.

    pl.suggest why it will happened ? also pl.provide the any general method or procedure for new column testing.

    we are using reversed phase chromatography analysis at our application.

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