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[amazon_link id=”1574445545″ target=”_blank” ][/amazon_link]Several months ago a second edition of  “[amazon_link id=”1574445545″ target=”_blank” ]Handbook of HPLC[/amazon_link]” was released. The new edition avoids well-established theoretical and practical aspects of HPLC that were extensively covered in the first edition published in 1998. However, the editors greatly update the handbook with emerging novel methods and concepts  that have contributed to […]


As I mentioned in the last post from this series, capillary columns of 10–100 μm inner diameter are commonly used in nano-liquid chromatography setups. They are typically made either from fused silica or PEEK materials currently found in your everyday Gas Chromatography or HPLC, respectively. There are three basic types of capillary columns used in […]


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