Almost two weeks ago there was a question regarding Nano HPLC technology that I attempted to answer and in that post I mentioned Agilent as one of the pioneers in the Nano LC field. Agilent’s “nano” workhorse is a 1200 Series HPLC-Chip/MS system, which uses microfluidics chip-based technology for nanospray LC/MS. Based on the HPLC-Chip and HPLC-Chip Cube MS interface, it provides “a new level of nanospray MS sensitivity, robustness, ease of use and reliability”. Here is Agilent’s sales video:

  • The HPLC-Chip integrates columns, connection capillaries,and nanospray emitter directly on the polymer chip surface eliminating peak dispersion and providing uncompromised chromatographic performance
  • Re-usable, integrated biocompatible HPLC-Chip designed for high sensitivity nanospray LC-MS.
  • HPLC-Chip Cube provides easy to use operation with automatic chip loading, solvent and sample delivery to the chip, high pressure switching of flows and automated chip positioning in the MS source.